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G-SHOCK Top MR-G Series Introduces New Design MRG-G2000CB, Combining Traditional Aesthetics and Innovative Technology with World's First Connected Engine 3-Way Module, Receive time signal function, and equipped with BLUETOOTH Bluetooth technology, download MR-G Connected exclusive APP, the synchronous transmission of smart phone time to the watch, in addition to automatically update the time, but also automatically updates the time zone and daylight saving time and other information, not Restricted by the indoor and outdoor areas, you can control the exact time in different parts of the world and operate various functions such as world time, alarm, countdown, stopwatch and pointer position correction through the APP.
The new MRG-G2000CB design concept comes from the Kuro Zonae of the Japanese Warring States Period. This Japanese warrior army wore the all-black armor. This concept was extended to the watch design. The domineering warrior shape gave the MR-G a powerful and Exquisite appearance, but also show a different level of black charm, so MRG-G2000CB more of a mystery. In addition, MRG-G2000CB bezel material for the first time using the COBARION® ※ 2 material to create, COBARION® is two to three times harder than stainless steel special materials, providing watch the excellent wear resistance, polishing technology to complete the COBARION ® surface treatment, the bezel as a mirror-like smooth, shining like a black gem-like luster, in order to make watches to the best degree of wear, strap and case of titanium after double hardened, And with diamond-like carbon DLC * 3 coating on its surface and scratch-resistant sapphire glass mirror, every detail thoroughly implements the G-SHOCK brand Real Toughness concept.
※ 1) According to CASIO 2017 survey ※ 2) COBARION®: COBARION® was developed by Professor Chiba Akihiko of Institute of Metal Materials, Tohoku University. The COBARION® material is manufactured using a new alloying technology - a vacuum melting process to create unique metallic crystals. The extremely low density construction allows the metal to achieve high ductility, High wear resistance, corrosion resistance, COBARION® materials are currently widely used in the manufacture of artificial joints and dentures. ※ 3) Diamond-like Carbon (DLC): That carbon as raw material, the use of physical or chemical methods of mixing hydrogen, and deposited on the substrate surface amorphous carbon film, hardness close to the diamond, with excellent hardness and abrasion resistance. available on line only shipping in 3 to 5 business days 


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